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New Moon Newsletter_May 30th, 2022

Today, Monday 30th, is the New Moon day for the month of May 2022. The next Uposatha Day will be the Full Moon which falls on Tuesday, 14th June.

Our celebration of Vesak was a delight with many visitors joining us for the morning gathering in the Dhamma Hall, the midday meal, the afternoon circumabulation (see picture below) and the evening puja. A dhamma talk was given on that occasion by Luang Por Munindo titled Awareness Upgrade

For anyone interested in participating in the next Lake Work Day, one is booked for Saturday 25th June. All welcome.

At last we have managed to have an elevating plinth constructed beneath the large Buddha rupa down by the lake (see picture). Now it looks more suitable. Anumodana to those whose donations made this possible. 

It seems word is gradually spreading that thankfully the routine at the monastery has returned to usual: everyone is welcome once again in the Reception Room for the midday meal; tea with a bhikkhu takes place in Kusala House most Sunday evenings at 5 pm (check calendar to be sure); a Public Puja happens each Sunday evening in the Dhamma Hall; and a Beginner's Meditation Class will be available at 5pm each first Sunday of the month, recommencing July 3rd, at Kusala House.

With good wishes,

Ajahn Munindo

Vesak Circumambulation