New Year's Eve/Day

We plan to hold our usual Forgiveness and Aspiration ceremony at Harnham on the evening of 31st of December. This will begin with evening puja at 7pm, (30 min. meditation and 15 min. of chanting) followed by a Dhamma talk. The Dhamma Hall will remain open for silent meditation, at the same time refreshments will be made available in the Reception Room.

All participants are requested to gather back in the Dhamma Hall by the latest at 11pm for the ceremony which will conclude just after midnight with the formal re-determining of the 5 Precepts and reciting together of the Dedication of Goodness. No need to bring anything special other than your warm heart and wholesome intentions. 

Simple dormitory-style accommodation is offered for those who prefer not to drive home in the middle of the night. Do let us know of any accommodation requests, but it is also fine on this occasion to just go with what's happening i.e. no booking or registration required.

Please note, this evening's event is not suitable for young children. Most of the evening is in silence. Also, as indicated elsewhere, we do not provide accommodation for anyone under 18 years of age.

On the morning of Tuesday 1st January 2019, the meal offering will take place at around 10am, including the traditional offering of rice into the bowls and paritta chanting. 
In the afternoon, beginning around 3 pm, there will be paritta chanting again with a short Dhamma talk.

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