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Nights Drawing In

Picture: From one of the posters to be displayed at Mangala House

Winter approaches and the nights are drawing in. Last Friday Venerable Piitigala Gunaratna Thero braved the cold and visited the monastery to deliver a Dhamma talk (bana) to our extended community of Sri Lankan friends. On Saturday the HBM Trustees gathered for their final meeting of the year. On Sunday evening Luang Por Munindo shared some thoughts on the subject of Where To Turn For Support. Cesare-from-Milano has joined us and expects to be here until the beginning of December. Mike Pearce is still here, having stayed on after the Trust meeting to share his painting skills. Thanks to the diligence of many volunteers and the skill of our project manager Samanera Jayamangalo, we are on target for completing the redecoration of Mangala House by the end of November. For those who might be interested and have the time to help, from about Thursday the 24th Nov. we will be doing a thorough clean up of the entire house. Neil Taylor has offered a number of large prints of black and white photos by various photographers and they will soon be hanging on the walls. Reduced postcard-size versions of these prints will be distributed at the New Year's Eve gathering and again on New Year's Day as an anumodana for the offering of this new sangha residence. And since we are on that subject, please see announcements for details of the Forgiveness and Aspiration ceremony on 31st December and the meal-offering and paritta chanting on January 1st.

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