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November 2019 Full-moon Update

Picture: Bojjhanga Garden Shrine

Today, Monday 11th, is the Full Moon day for the month of November 2019. The next Full Moon falls on Wednesday 11th December. A notable drop in temperature and the increasingly shorter days signal the approach of winter and our community is active making preparations before the start of our annual three month winter retreat (Jan-March). As usual we will mark the new year with our forgiveness and aspiration ceremony on December 31st. Last Saturday was the day of both our lake work day for November and the HBMTrust meeting. Our final lake and garden work day for 2019 is scheduled for Saturday 7th December – all those who are willing to brave some cold weather are very welcome to join the sangha in finishing off the work for the year. The Kathina festival was a joyous occasion with many people turning up on the day. Participants generously offered support to the sangha, many staying on to listen to a Dhamma reflection by Ajahn Sucitto. The event this year was sponsored by Penny and Nick and the traditional Kathina-robe was sewn on the day and offered to Tan Ratthapalo. He leaves shortly to resume his training at Wat Pah Nanachat in Thailand, but first was able to join a lay retreat lead by Ajahn Abhinando. It is expected that next week Ajahn Karunadhammo from Abhayagiri monastery in California will visit for a few days. Two of our community are still visiting Amaravati monastery for their Kathina. Once they return we will be a community of 7 residents.