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October 2019 Full-moon Update

Picture: Tan Ratthapalo sweeping the Memorial Garden

Today, Sunday 13th, is the Full Moon day for the month of October 2019. The next Full Moon falls on Monday 11th November. Today also marks the end of our annual Rains Retreat (vassa). The sangha at Aruna Ratanagiri are grateful for the thoughtful and generous support they have received throughout the last three months of the annual Rains Retreat. As we move now into autumn we are preparing for the Kathina festival. This year it coincides with our hosting an Elders' Council Meeting which means most of the abbots from our other monasteries in Europe will be joining us. Not all will be here for the actual Kathina Day on Sunday 20th October and will arrive shortly afterwards. Having just completed a welcome week spent more formally in retreat mode the community is currently attempting to complete various projects before guests arrive. Once the gathering here is over several people will be travelling to participate in events at our sister monasteries. Some will also be moving on. Tan Ratthapalo will return to Wat Nanachat after spending almost two years here and Samanera Thitamedho will be returning to Santacittarama in Italy. Samanera Nipako, who spent the Rains Retreat at Santacittarama, will be rejoining us again. Ajahn Abhinando, who will be attending the Elders' Meeting, is staying on to lead the Lay Retreat from 26th October until 1st November. Once again, those who enjoy some vigorous outdoor work might like to note that the next Garden and Lake Work Day is scheduled for Saturday 9th November. On a totally different note, it seems that our monastery's website, , is approaching the end of its life and will soon require more time consuming maintenance that is worthwhile. So if there is anyone who delights in developing websites and is keen to cooperate in updating the one we have we would be pleased to hear from you.