Our Dhamma Hall is open again

In keeping with what the Government is allowing and in accordance with conditions here at Harnham, our Dhamma Hall will be open to the public between 10am and 1pm, six days a week i.e. excluding Mondays.

Please enter only through the vestibule and look out for signs marking the restricted areas. Visitors from different households are still encouraged to maintain social distancing and everyone is expected to observe the safety measures.

As usual you are welcome to leave offerings on the tables in the vestibule. If you wish to bring cooked food and would like bhikkhus to be there, please contact us in advance at to agree on a suitable date and time.

For those not able, or who don’t feel ready to visit, though are wondering how they can support the monastery, the community maintains the dana page on our website and the option to sponsor a meal is also available: please see the Sponsored Meal section of our dana page for more information.

Do not hesitate to email our Anagarika Gabriel at for more information.