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Painting and Preparation

Picture: Andrew, our friendly potter from Northumbrian Craft Pottery

The painting project at Mangala House has begun with a suitable sufficiency of enthusiastic supporters helping out. If all goes well, by about mid-December we should be prepared for Winter Retreat 2017. Luang Por Munindo and Ajahn Abhinando have both been away down south taking part in Chithurst's kathina and the bi-annual Elder's Council Meeting; they are due back at Harnham today, Wednesday. Tomorrow, Thursday, Tan Gambhiro is due join us for his annual visit from Sumedharama Monastery in Portugal. On Friday, Ajahn Punnyo is due to travel down south to join in with the kathina at Amaravati. We have recently been to visit the folk at Northumbrian Craft Pottery who, for many years now, have been making the ceramic alms-bowls used by those in the initial years of monastic training. For those who might like to know in advance, there is a Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust meeting due to take place on Saturday 12th November. And even further in the future, dates for meditation retreats in 2017 have now been posted on our website and are available for booking.

Andrew the potter