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Peaceful and Quiet

Picture: Luang Por Munindo, Ajahn Punnyo (l) and Ajahn Abhinando (r).

As has become the tradition at Harnham, Luang Por Munindo invited the resident monastic community to his kuti for tea and punch on Christmas Eve. As was uniformly predicted by forecasters, the weather on Christmas Day was particularly mild (though temperatures have definitely dropped since then). Several of the community spent Christmas morning finishing the  preparation of our New Year's card for posting. Others helped out with tweaking and tidying before the Winter Retreat. A pleasant and gentle, peaceful and quiet group of guests currently occupy Kusala House and 2 community residents are contentedly ensconced in Mangala House. Our local Vicar expressed gladness at receiving a copy of our 2017 Forest Sangha calendar and mentioned that she planned to use one of Ajahn Chah's teachings in her sermon. Today is the New Moon day for December. Next Saturday will see the year 2016 end; for those who wish to join us, there will be the usual Forgiveness and Aspiration ritual in the Dhamma Hall commencing at 7pm. Arriving anytime up until 11pm is fine. Sunday is 1st January, 2017 and we look forward to greeting those who gather for the 10.30am meal offering and at 3pm for parittas and a Dhamma talk by Luang Por Munindo.

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