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Stone seat.

The week began with Ven. Vinita leading 30 people on a Sri Lankan Practice Day studying The Four Foundations of Mindfulness and Ajahn Abhinando leading 40 people on a Bolam Lake Walk Day. In the evening Luang Por Munindo gave his monthly talk, this time on Sincerity in Practice. Monday was a full-moon day and Luang Por Sucitto arrived on Wednesday. He will be leading a weekend retreat from Friday to Sunday and staying at Harnham until Tuesday. We have been discussing how to streamline some of our activities. Perhaps HILLTOPwill have to cease (due to limited resources); perhaps theHBM Trust will employ Penny for some extra hours each week. Perhaps sunny September days will continue. From Leeds we received a generous offer of assistance with managing websites and we are still interested in any offers of assistance in managing the kitchen.

Stone seat mini