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On Saturday 6th Dec., full-moon day, the bhikkhus' uposathakamma was held early so everyone in the community would be free to join in the Lake Work Day. Once again Penny led the group in doing what needed to be done, this month amongst other things protecting the saplings from deer and rabbits through the forthcoming winter. Tyran, visiting from Adelaide, enhanced protection of the front gate from avoidable degradation, by thoroughly oiling it. Nick Pearce and friends have completed a very welcome reroofing of the walkway behind the kitchen, in so doing protecting the fridges, washing machine, dryer and our guests while eating their midday meal. Luang Por Munindo engaged Saturday evening’s gathering with a group contemplation on Balancing Inner and Outer Work. Then on Sunday he offered a reflection on Keeping Effort Constant. Kris from Leeds will be spending time this weekend at the monastery, instructing those who need instruction on how to manage the new website. Any amount of praise or blame can be emailed via the contact page. Sunday 14th is the waning-moon day and coincides with the final Practice-Study Day for this year, led as usual by Ajahn Abhinando, continuing the theme of reflection on Mindfulness.