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Rains Retreat 2016/2559

picture: the sangha at Harnham vassa 2016

The Full Moon for this month fell yesterday, 19th July. This month's Full Moon is known traditionally as Asalha Puja and is a time for reflecting on the very first occasion when the Buddha offered teachings on the Four Noble Truths. The discourse he gave is known as the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta , The Turning of the Wheel of the Law and would have been recited all around the world in the pali language on this day. Here we have a practice of reciting it at each Saturday evening's puja. On the afternoon of Sunday 17th July Anagarika Will received pabbajja and henceforth will be known as Samanera Dhirabodhi. Also on Sunday afternoon our good friend Ajahn Go Suvaco arrived from Santacittarama Monastero in Italy to stay with us for the Rains Retreat. At evening puja on Sunday Luang Por Munindo gave a talk called A Daring Spirit on the theme of the Dhammacakka Sutta. On Monday Ajahn Abhinando returned from his teaching tour of Serbia. Today, Wednesday 20th, is the first day of our Rains Retreat (vassa/punsar) for 2016/2559. The community this year comprises 5 bhikkhus, 4 samaneras and 1 anagarika

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