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Red Sky at Night

Picture: Sunset on Harnham Lake

Whether or not a red sky at night is really a harbinger of fine weather around the corner, sunsets can be a treat. Life for most of us here presently proceeds as usual; except for Aj Punnyo who is leading a group of lay guests on retreat at Kusala House. Last Sunday Luang Por Munindo led the gathering at puja in a contemplation called Knowing the Knowing. Dates for most of the various Kathina and Pah Bah ceremonies to be held at our monasteries for this year have now been posted on the Forest Sangha website; this includes our Kathina, which will be on Sunday 23rd October. Anyone interested in being involved could contact Khun Jeab via email: or by phone: 079190 32759.  The Dhamma quotes which will appear on the Forest Sangha Calendar in 2018 will soon be selected for printing in Kuala Lumpur. 2018 marks 100 years since the birth of our teacher, Ajahn Chah.