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Today, Friday 19th, is the Full Moon of April 2019. The next Full Moon falls on Saturday 18th May. Earlier this month the sangha here at Harnham emerged from our annual winter retreat with gratitude and gladness for all the goodness that makes these periods possible; also, hopefully, with a refreshed and renewed perspective on practice. Throughout these past 3 months community concord and agreeable weather have made for a particularly pleasing atmosphere here on the hill. In January Anagaraka Nic from France became Samanera Adicco and in February Michael from Edinburgh requested anagarika precepts. Samaneras Mahesako and Saṁvaro, who spent the retreat period at Amaravati and Cittaviveka, have now rejoined us. The traditional South and Southeast Asian New Year took place on Sunday 14th April and already we are preparing for the Vesak Celebrations next month on Sunday 19th May. Also on that day Anagarika Jason will request the Samanera training (pabbajja). Luang Por Munindo offered regular dhamma talks throughout the winter retreat and recordings of these talks can be found as usual on our ratanagiri website. Similarly, the Full Moon Dhammapada Reflections continue to be sent out each month. The monastery's trustees have had their first meeting of the year and are currently preparing their annual report. From now on the printed version of this report will only be posted out to the very small number of people who have let us know that they definitely wished to receive it. Printed copies will be available to collect at the monastery and the report will also be posted online. Lake Work Days are once again happening with the first one taking place tomorrow, Saturday 20th April. Please check our calendar for future Lake Work Days. The bhikkhu upasampada for Samaneras Mahesako and Saṁvaro is due to take place at Amaravati on Saturday 13th July, with the ceremony beginning at 8.30am. 
May 2019 be rewarding for you all. 

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Harnham sangha, April 2019