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Picture: Reguilding the Sima Marker

Today, Thursday 15th, is the Full Moon day for the month of August 2019. The next Full Moon falls on Friday 13th September.  On the last Full Moon day two of our good friends from the Burmese community took the opportunity to reguild the dominant sima marker at the back of our Dhamma Hall. Shortly after that two friends travelled up from Cittaviveka Monastery to take away the caravan from Mangala House. That move has pleasingly freed up space for other purposes (such as festivals). The community here has recently had another silent retreat week which was followed by a Garden & Lake work day. For anyone who is keen to help out, please note that the next Garden & Lake work day will be on 14th September. While mentioning helping out, recently we posted our Winter Retreat Supporters announcement providing opportunities to support the sangha at Harnham during the first three months of 2020. In the longer term, the monastery is currently considering the possibility of hiring a caretaker-groundsman who would help with property maintenance. Having more buildings and land provides welcome opportunities but that means increased upkeep. Also, our current Kitchen Manager will have soon spent a year in the kitchen so we will be on the lookout for a replacement. Last Sunday, 11th August, Luang Por Munindo offered a dhamma talk titled: Wholehearted Participation In Life. There was only a small gathering with the resident guests and a few who braved the weather. The news is that a little further north of here at least two rivers burst their banks, however here on Harnham Hill things might be damp but we are safe.