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Renewal 2015

(picture: Luang Por Munindo)

A good crowd of friends were warmly welcomed at the monastery on Wednesday, 31st December, to share in our usual New Year's Eve Forgiveness and Aspiration ritual. Luang Por offered the Dhamma talk on 'Where the Power Lies' and Ajahn Abhinando led the rest of the evening. Thursday 1st January 2015 saw a joyous gathering at the meal time. Later in the afternoon saw the sangha reciting parittas with another Dhamma talk, reflecting on the theme of 'We Can Make a Difference'. Ajahn Abhinando departed on Friday for a 3 month sojourn in our monastery in Switzerland, Dhammapala Kloster. By this weekend we anticipate all our guests to have departed leaving the remainder to hopefully go gently into the quiet. For the next three months these blog entries will probably dwindle to once a month or less. Our job now is to get really simple and listen to the inner callings.  

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