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Repair and Replacement

(picture: new front gate)

On Sunday, Luang Por Munindo delivered his monthly Dhamma talk - one week later than expected - called Contrasting Perspective. Today, Wednesday 15th, is New Moon day. Ajahn Abhinando returns from his period of filial piety practice in Germany. Luang Por's fortnightly reflection on a theme from the Dhammapada went out this morning via group email as usual. Will Dwyer is taking anagarika precepts this evening and he has offered the monastery a sturdy new front gate. The previous gate was definitely on its last legs. The front porch is also on its last legs, but that will have to wait before being replaced. Nick repaired the upstairs shower and on Saturday there was a friendly group cutting and trimming and weeding at the lake. Anagarika Paul is now Anagarika Revato. Rolf-from-Norway is now back with us for a few weeks. Cesare-from-Milano is about to be back with us for a few weeks. We have heard from Ajahn Punnyo in Thailand who sounded full of beans (or was it sticky rice?) On Thursday 16th July, An. Samuele returns to Santacittarama Monastero in Italy. In about 10 days (25th July) our trustees will gather here for the Harnham Buddhist Monastery AGM. 

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