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Retreat Again

Picture: Ajahn Punnyo

The Full Moon for this next month falls tomorrow, 1st September. Recently here it's been raining again, but also the sun has been shining again and now we are about to have a retreat again; this time a lay retreat led by Ajahn Punnyo at Kusala House. Last Sunday Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma Talk called Trusting Can Help which built on his last talk called Constancy Helps. Steve, the local fence-builder, has been measuring up along the boundary of the new property. Once a rabbit-proof fence has been put in we can lay a new hedge, rich with hazel and honeysuckle, and perhaps a few hawthorn, hornbeam and maybe even some holly. Ajahn Abhinando returned yesterday from teaching a retreat in Spain and tomorrow will venture north to visit the groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

Ajpunnyo red