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Retreats and Other Things...

Picture: Our friendly architect, Rion Willard, with Taffy the builder.

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Sunday 3rd December; the next New Moon will be on Sunday 17th December. Our helpful and generous architect from London, Rion, has been visiting to check on the building progress. So far so good. Kath, our regular retreat organizer, has supplied dates for next year's retreats which have now been posted on our website. Tan Sudhammo has departed back to Thailand to continue his training under Ajahn Kevali at Wat Nanachat. Anagarika Jagaro has departed back to New Zealand (for 6 months) to support Vimutti monastery near Auckland. We are glad to once again have Tan Gambhiro staying with us (for one month). These days he lives with the sangha training with Ajahn Vajiro in Sumedharama Monastery in Portugal. Tan Gambhiro is the person responsible for much of the typesetting work done for many of the publications which our Forest Sangha communities produce, including the annual calendar and, most recently, the approx. 850 page biography of Ajahn Chah which Ajahn Jayasaro has written. One of Tan Gambhiro's current projects is working with Luang Por Munindo preparing for the printing of 2 new books of his teachings. Anyone interested in supporting this printing could contact the monastery – see under Larger Items .... Last Monday Ajahn Punnyo visited the Morpeth meditation group before returning to spend time in Ampleforth. He is due back at Harnham next Thursday. For those thinking a bit further ahead, we have now posted on our website details about the traditional gatherings planned for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

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