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Ajahn Sawaeng returned to Harnham on Easter Saturday, after a two-year absence. Luang Por Munindo returned to his recent theme of contemplation, Forgiveness, in Sunday evening puja. On Wednesday, we welcomed Ajahn Siripannyo back to Harnham after 20 years away. These days, he serves as senior monk at a branch monastery on the border with Burma, known as Dtoa Dtum. Our reliable lease-hire car will be inspected by its owners on Thursday, in preparation for its return to them and a replacement with something similar. On Friday, Ajahn Sudanto, abbot of the Pacific Hermitage near Seattle, is expected for a first-time visit. A pair of Canadian geese has stayed behind on the lake while many others departed; we’re not sure if they and the pair of oyster catchers are first-time visitors, or returners. After a six-week stay, our friend Boyd from Scotland will be departing.