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Rewards and Regrets

Picture: The sangha at Harnham this vassa

The New Moon for this month falls today, Sunday 23rd July; the next Full Moon will be on Monday 7th August. This past week has been a Silent Practice week so there has not been much happening. Earlier in the month however, things were a little more active. We are glad to have secured a local builder to help with fixing some of the rotting beams in the roof of Number 2 Cottage. The same crew installed a loft ladder at Kusala House and fixed the gaping hole in the ceiling of the Visiting Ajahns room at Mangala House. It turned out that one of the planks in the new storeroom in the attic of Mangala House had not been securely nailed so when the store-monk stood on it, his leg went right through. Fortunately nobody was hurt. We were a little less fortunate with the weather on the latest Lakeside Work Day, but still grateful for the guests who helped out. We're grateful that Nick Pearce has offered to construct the plinth for the Borobudur Buddha by the lake. Considerable progress has already been made with excavations. Dan Munshi took anagarika precepts at puja on Saturday night, with his mother and sister present. Next week, 24th - 30th July, Ajahn Sucitto will be with us. He will be leading a weekend retreat 28th - 30th. The next Lakeside Work Day will be Saturday 2nd September. . 

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