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Rightly Directed

(picture: stupa finial)

Last week's silent practice re-emphasised our commitment to the inner life. This week we are talking again and are a little more engaged, though hopefully without losing direction. On Sunday the walkers from Bolam Lake visited. The local Council organises such walks several times a year; beginning at Bolam Lake, stopping at ShortFlatt Pele Tower and ending up at the monastery. These events often serve as a first encounter for local folk with 'the monks' on Harnham Hill. At Sunday's evening puja Luang Por spoke on being Big Hearted and Broad Minded and included a reflection on being bored. Nang and Koko are making great progress in their regilding the finial of our stupa. Next Saturday 12th is a New Moon day, coinciding with the Lake Work Day for September. Sunday 13th is a Practice and Study Day, this time on the theme of Samadhi & Brahmaviharas.

Sam 2623