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At this time of year many Dhamma friends, old and new, seek sanctuary at the monastery, so right now Kusala House is much appreciated. Last Sunday's 'Tea with a Bhikkhu' triggered a particularly stimulating conversation on matters of practice. On Tuesday Kevin-the-electrician was due to change the (previously dangerous) lights in the reception room but must have been distracted. We now look forward to his visiting between Christmas and New Year. The Winter Retreat Support team is nearly all here: Keegan-from-California arrived last weekend (having missed the only bus and walking late through the night), Martin-from-France arrived on Tuesday. Giovanni-from Italy and Tjerry-from-Holland were already here. On Sunday Ajahn Punnyo offered a Dhamma talk, reflecting on whirlpools. Next Sunday 28th Dec. Ajahn Abhinando is expected to offer a Dhamma reflection. On Wednesday 31st, New Year's Eve, Luang Por is expected to offer a Dhamma talk at the Forgiveness and Renewal Gathering