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September Full-moon Update

Picture: Shrine in the Bamboo Grove kuti

Today, Friday 13th, is the Full Moon day for the month of September 2019. The next Full Moon falls on Sunday 13th October, which also marks the end of our annual Rains Retreat (vassa.) For those who enjoy outdoor work, tomorrow, Saturday 14th is a Garden and Lake Work Day and you are very welcome to join us. Last week was the annual Summer Lay Retreat, led this time by Ajahn Punnyo. A weekend retreat which was planned for the end of this month didn't seem to attract much interest so it has now been cancelled and instead we are arranging for a series of one day meditation workshops (see Announcements later in the year when dates are likely to be posted.) Planning is ongoing for renovation work to be done on the Kusala House guest building, that is once the wasps which took up residence have departed. Even more planning is happening, this time for the Kathina ceremony which is booked to take place Sunday 20th October. This year, just after the Kathina, Aruna Ratanagiri has the opportunity to host many of the senior sangha from our European community as they gather for their Elders' Council Meeting. Almost immediately after that gathering Ajahn Abhinando's Autumn Lay Retreat is due to take place, 26th October - 1st November. There are still 3 or 4 places available in the men's accommodation (female accommodation already booked) and anyone interested could contact Kath Jones

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