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Smooth Progress

Picture: Ajahn Chandapalo visiting

The Full Moon for this month is due on Sunday 12th March. The midway point of this year's winter retreat has passed and we are now entering the third and final month. We are particularly grateful to Penny, our monastery secretary, who helps to keep everything ticking over smoothly whilst we retreat. Her days in the old office are now numbered with construction work due to begin on a new office towards the end of this month. Her workload is about to increase significantly as the Monastery's Trustees have employed Penny as the main liaison person for the Larder/Scullery/Porch/Office Project. Work on the new monastic library is virtually complete and will soon provide a valuable resource for the sangha. Ajahn Chandapalo, the abbot of Santacittarama in Italy, came to visit toward the end of last month. Last Sunday, 26th February, Luang Por Munindo gave a Dhamma talk called Obstructed Awareness. Charlie from Guildford, who is on our Winter Retreat support team, will be taking anagarika precepts at evening puja next Sunday 5th March. Ajahn Vajiro, the abbot of Sumedharama Monastery in Portugal, is expected to visit from 28th March until 3rd April.

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