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Spreading the Goodness

Picture: planting a tree for James

A good number of the Glasgow Group gathered at the monastery on Saturday 17th to say goodbye to our dear friend James Scott. James was the founder (and sustainer for many years) of the Glasgow group and was much loved by many. Now there is a cherry tree besides the lake to remind us of the beauty and goodness he spread around. On Sunday Ajahn Abhinando spread around goodness by way of leading the Practice & Study Day, this time on the theme of the Five Hindrances. That same evening Luang Por led a group contemplation on developing skilful means and healing the 5 spiritual faculties in a talk called Leave it up to the Buddha. Yesterday, Tuesday 20th, Ajahn Punnyo went to York; he has been invited to deliver a Public Talk there on 22nd called "An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation" and will go on to visit the Leeds Group on Friday 23rd. The warm and wet weather has produced lots of lush growth at the lake which means there is much to be done at Saturday 24th's Lake Work Day. We hope you will join us.