spring update 2021

Today the resident community at Aruna Ratanagiri officially ends its winter retreat period and resumes the regular routine, which is in tune with the lovely weather we’ve had on Harnham Hill over the last few days.

Regrettably, the monastery remains closed to general guests & visitors, but we will once more be offering live-streamed pujas six days a week from tonight, 7pm BST.

Although we cannot give a precise date for when we will be ready to open up the monastery again, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of when this will be the case.

We also wish to inform our extended lay community that this year, once again, we will not be hosting public events for Songkran (South- and Southeast Asian New Year) and Vesak (Vesakha Puja). Whether or not we will be able to have a Kathina celebration is unknown at the moment, and more information on this subject will be available in due course.

We sincerely appreciate the support that has been offered and the kindness shown to us in these uncertain times, and we hope that you find our daily live-streams and frequent Dhamma talks by Luang Por Munindo helpful. As some of you might already know, Luang Por’s latest book, In Any Given Moment, can be obtained digitally.

Now that we are back in our normal rhythm, our option of sponsoring a meal is available again for those who wish to make such an offering. Please see our sponsored dana form for more information. Our dana page is also regularly updated with a list of helpful items for the monastery.