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Suitably Settled

(picture: Ajahn Abhinando)

Wild weather couldn’t stop Ajahn Abhinando from flying off to Dhammapala Kloster last Friday. Anthony-from-Newcastle, the last of our Winter Retreat Support Team for January, arrived on Friday. The last of our New Year guests departed on Sunday. Luang Por delivered his first Sunday night Dhamma talk on the theme of The Right Amount of Effort. Harnham Monastery residents are all now suitably settled into Winter Retreat mode. This doesn’t mean the monastery is closed. Visitors and friends are always welcome. The Meditation Hall is always open, at least from 6am to 10pm. And supporters who wish to participate in the midday meal offering should be here by 11am. The on-line calendar displays regular events are usual. The next news/blog is likely to be in a months time.