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A photo by Gary-from-Beverley, taken at sunrise by the lake, graces the home page of the new website for Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery (Dawn at Jewel Mountain Monastery). Thanks to many hours of generous effort put in by Kris-from-Leeds, with occasional contributions by Luang Por Munindo, now offers beautiful, smooth and ready access to information about what happens here in our small monastery. Thanks to Andrew-from-Newcastle the monastery contributed a substantial amount of food and cleaning materials to a local charity that gives support for families, particularly at this time of year. On Tuesday, Tjerry-from-Holland arrived as the first of our Winter Retreat support team. On Wednesday Samanera Indapañño arrived from Cittaviveka Monastery (via Ireland where he met up with family). Also this week our local helpful gas engineer competently relocated the heater in one of the kutis; regular, wild winds had been causing problems the way it was initially installed. A letter is about to be sent out to our many kind supporters, accompanying the New Year greetings card, informing everyone that the Hilltop Newsletter will no longer be produced. We hope everyone can comfortably access monastery news on-line. And we hope everyone knows the New Year Eve Forgiveness and Aspiration ritual is planned to go ahead as usual and that all are welcome.