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That Time Of Year

Picture: Ajahn Punnyo on the building site.

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Friday 3rd November; the next New Moon will be on Saturday 18th November. Ajahn Punnyo is still dividing his time between helping his Mum at home and being here, with time spent here gradually increasing. He returned to Yorkshire yesterday. Tan Thitapannyo returned from Amaravati on Tuesday after spending time helping out on the retreat there led by Luang Por Thiradhammo; also meeting up with his teacher, Luang Por Pasanno, who was visiting from US. Anagarika Charlie returned to Harnham the same day after time spent at Cittaviveka monastery. An. Justin's family have been visiting for about 10 days and now have returned to France. Tan Mandali is presently away for about 10 day visiting family in Portugal. Tan Sudhammo will depart next week (Nov. 9th) back to Wat Nanachat in Thailand after having spent one year with us and now we are looking forward to having Tan Rathapalo from Philippines join us. Around the same time one of Ajahn Vajiro's community members, Anagarika Pedro from Portugal, will also join us. Last Sunday Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma reflection called With Kind Eyes and is expected to speak again at evening puja tomorrow, Sunday 5th November. Saturday 4th November sees a Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust gathering. Our annual pictorial calendar is available to collect from the monastery or to request by post (if you live in UK). It can also be downloaded from our community website. Next Saturday 11th November is a Lake Work Day. There is a lot going on. It is that time of year. Winter Retreat is not far away and we still have vacancies for volunteers who might wish to be part of the support team. Anyone interested could contact the monastery guestmaster.

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