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That Was Winter Retreat 2017

Picture: Harnham Sangha at the end of Winter Retreat 2017

The Full Moon for this month falls on Tuesday 11th April. Our annual winter retreat has passed and we wish to express anumodana for the many generous offerings of support which led to such a smooth retreat. April 11th is also the official date for starting to accept guests to stay in Kusala House. (Actually we have already begun). We have already had a welcome visit from Ajahn Vajiro, Abbot of Sumedharama in Portugal. The bi-annual Elders' Council Meeting at Amaravati has already happened, which took Luang Por Munindo and Ajahn Abhinando away for a few days. Before that on Sunday 2nd April, Luang Por offered a Dhamma reflection called Why Can't I let Go? There will be a meeting of the Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust (HBMT) on Saturday 8th April. A large part of that meeting will probably be dedicated to the substantial building project which will replace one of the old porch-ways with a larger space providing a sitting area for guests at meal-time. This same project will replace Penny's office and provide a new scullery and larder, along with renovating the covered walkway behind the Byre. The renovation work that happened during the winter means the ceilings in the Main House are now in a fit condition and the resident sangha at last has a library. Tan Sudhammo's mother visited last Sunday. As did Anagarika Jagaro's mother. Anagarika Andrew's mother will visit later this week, just before Andrew takes leave having completed his year with our community. Samanera Jinavaro is due to return to Harnham today having spent the Winter Retreat at Amaravati. Just around the corner in May and June we will be saying farewell to Ajahn Abhinando and then welcoming a goodly number of senior Ajahns who are visiting the UK for the International Elders Meetings to be held at Amaravati.

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