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'The Blessings House'

Picture: Mangala House to be

The Full Moon for this month falls next Tuesday 19th July. Today, Wednesday 13th July, is Ajahn Punnyo's birthday. And today Ajahn Punnyo will visit the Carlisle Group. Oh, and our monastery trustees have just bought one of the neighbouring houses here on Harnham Hill. The owners of the house known as 'Oxfoot', at the very bottom of Harnham Lane, approached us some weeks back to let us know they were expecting to move on. The HBM Trust has since then been working hard to see if  it was possible to secure the purchase. Last week we heard contracts have now been exchanged and soon 'Oxfoot' will become known as 'Mangala House': The Blessings House. It should fit beautifully alongside Kusala House: The Goodness House. Anumodana for the generous donation that made it possible. As for other inspiring events occurring lately: last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting several members of the Leeds Group. Luang Por Munindo spoke at Sunday puja about The Way It Seems To Be and The Way It Is. Next Sunday will be our public observance of Asalha Puja (the actual Full Moon Day being on Tuesday 19th). And BTW, as mentioned above, the Full Moon for this month is next week, Tuesday 19th, not last Monday, as was mistakenly announced in last week's news/blog. Monday 4th July was the New Moon.

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