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The Time of Year

It’s the time of year when leaves are raked, gutters are cleared and gardening tools oiled and stored away. This year it is also the time to call on Nick Pearce’s skills to help in re-roofing behind the kitchen. The covering over the walkway has been leaking for many months, resulting amongst other things, in the deterioration of the fridges and washing machine stored there. Not to mention compromising the seating area for our visitors at meal time. Thanks to the energetic efforts of several good friends that area is now much improved. Thanks to Indika we have learnt how to change the passwords on the monastery routers. Thanks to a significant influx of guests the outdoor benches have been oiled, lawns mown, clematis vine tied back and a delivery of wood nicely stacked. We are getting ready for winter. Probably the tulips which have already sprouted don’t know what is around the corner. On Tuesday Anagarika Daniel joined us from Chithurst. On Wednesday the local hunt rode through trying desperately to have a good time, but without a great deal of success. On Wednesday evening Ajahn Abhinando visited the Carlisle Meditation Group encouraging the cultivation of effortless happiness. Saturday 6th December will be full-moon day, coinciding with our final Lake Work Day of the year. On Sunday 7th it is expected that Luang Por Munindo will offer a Dhamma reflection on the theme of effort.