Thursday 19th March, 2020, Update on preparations for COVID-19

Update on restrictions resulting from COVID-19
19th March 2020

Somewhat sooner than anticipated the monastery is already entering into the next level of limitation (level 3). We respectfully request you support us in this decision seeing it as an effort to protect those living in the monastery as well as preventing further spread of the virus. We have received many thoughtful and generous offerings of support and sincerely hope that all of you remain well.

I am sure everyone would agree this is a time of exceptional uncertainty, with the volume and nature of some of the information being passed around contributing to that uncertainty. This latest decision has been taken after careful consideration of what works best here on Harnham Hill for the monastery, for our neighbours as well as for the wider community.

Until further notice, as of Thursday 19th March, visitors to Aruna Ratanagiri will no longer be permitted to enter any of the monastery buildings. There will be signs at all the entrances making this clear.
Regrettably this means that there will be no more mealtime meetings or public pujas.

Food and Requisites offerings
Understandably questions are being asked as to how the monastery will be supported without visitors. The monastery's trustees are alert to the situation and four friends of the community have made their phone numbers available (see below) so anyone with a question can call them -

Bee Wan - 07912 683 576
Yom Arun- 07951 724 407
Annie Smekens - 07742 876 521
Yom Mame - 07855 902 226, (m) 01642 618 522 (ll)

Sponsored Meal
Regrettably, during this time of strict limitation, our kitchen is not available to prepare and offer a sponsored meal on your behalf. What is still possible is that you send a donation towards the general running costs of the monastery and you request that a dedication be read out at the meal time. Feel free to write via any of the email addresses below if you have any questions -

Office Administrator -
Kitchen Supervisor -
Resident Community Office -

• all monastery buildings closed to the public from Thursday 19th March 2020
• no public pujas or mealtime gatherings
• dhamma talks available -
• monthly teachings and news via email -

Please do use the phone numbers, email addresses and websites above to stay in contact. Even though presently we are not able to see each other, let’s remember that we are all in this together as disciples of the Buddha, working hard to transform suffering into wisdom and compassion.

With well-wishing,
Luang Por Munindo