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Picture: Ajahn Punnyo in the new Mangala House Meditation Room

The Full Moon for this month falls next Wednesday 14th December. The days are getting as short as they can get and the nights are almost as long as they can be. The year 2016 is gradually coming to an end and life at the monastery is slowing and quietening down. On Sunday evening Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma reflection in a talk titled Unburdening. Work at Mangala House is nearly at an end. Our neighbours are pleased with what we have done with the place (they were the ones who saved it when it was condemned about 30 years ago). Tan Sudhammo has been home to Glasgow to visit family and returned last Monday. Anagarika Andrew is still home with his family and is about to return later this week. Ajahn Anando (Amaravati) will be joining us on Friday, just in time to help out at the Lake Work Day on Saturday 10th December. We have been getting enquiries regarding events on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day; we point them to the announcement on the website.

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