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A busy few days at Harnham. Saturday was spent preparing for Sunday’s Vesak celebrations, with Luang Por Munindo exhorting us in the evening to Simply Listen. On Sunday the Dhamma Hall was packed for the evening’s Vesak celebration, including evening puja and a dhamma talk by Luang Por Tiradhammo, Who’s Up For The Challenge. After making our way to the lake, torrential rain and intense hail dramatically descended soon after commencing our circumambulations by candlelight. The ceremony was aborted, but the ferocious weather was completely unable to abate the determination and efforts of some supporters, who continued hanging lanterns in the trees around the lake. On Monday there was no let-up in activity; the community wrung out soaked clothing, cleaned up the grounds and packed in preparation for some to travel to Amaravati on Tuesday for the International Elders’ Meeting. However, our monastery doors remain open and our community welcoming and inviting to anyone wishing to visit for the day.

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