UPDATED: Vesakha Puja 2024

This year the traditional Vesak Festival (Vesakha Puja) will be observed at Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery on Sunday 26th May. All welcome. There will be two opportunities to participate. In the morning there will be the usual shared meal; it is recommended you try to be here by 9.30am with formal proceedings expected to begin in the Dhamma Hall around 10.00am. (PLEASE NOTE, for those of limited mobility, some parking will be available at Kusala Guest House.) After determining the 5 Precepts, the rice pindapat will take place and the offering of the meal in the kitchen at No. 2 (as at Songkran). Everyone will gather again in the Dhamma Hall after the meal at 1pm for the Paritta Chanting followed by a short Dhamma Talk. We will conclude the gathering with a circumambulation of the Dhamma Hall.

In the evening there will be the usual gathering for meditation, chanting and a Dhama-talk. The program in the evening will start at 7pm. 

Please see downloadable PDF of the day's program.

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