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(picture: Ajahn Nyanarato)

This past week, the delightful presence of our dear Dhamma friend, Ajahn Nyanarato, with his uplifting and eloquent teachings, has been a real gift. We are sincerely grateful for his visit. There was a very full house, as was to be expected for this retreat. Also, as we have come to expect, Kath Jones worked her usual magic coordinating everything, making it look like there is nothing to it (but we know otherwise, thank you Kath). Lots of appreciation also for Ian Donaldson who performed his usual magic in the kitchen. Now Ajahn Nyana has departed (onto Latvia to teach another retreat) and things are feeling a little empty; adding to that Ajahn Abhinando leaves today, Wednesday, to visit his parents in Hamburg. Samanera Indapanyo is preparing to return down south on Saturday to his mother monastery, Cittaviveka, with a short detour to see his parents in Ireland. Will Dwyer has shaved his head and is preparing to take anagarika precepts next New Moon. At the same time Anagarika Paul will become Anagarika Pamutto. The Dhammapalins from Leeds are expected to arrive this next Saturday for a weekend visit. Followed on Monday with the arrival of  Monastery Mother, Abramina from Halsteren, Nederland.