Vesak Gathering 2020 - Cancellation

I imagine everybody will understand why we have taken the decision to cancel the gathering that usually takes place around this time of year to mark Vesakha Puja. We had intended to hold an event here at Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery on Sunday 10th May. This will now not take place. 

Nearer the full moon of May I plan to post out separately to you all an eCard by way of reaffirming our shared commitment to following the teachings of the Buddha. At this time of intense disruption, it is my sincere wish that the effort you have put into progressing along this path over the years has provided you with strength and stability. We have these wonderfully relevant teachings to follow, however this does not mean we won't struggle. What it means is the way we handle life's struggles can potentially contribute to the ending of all struggles. 

May all beings be free from struggle.

Ajahn Munindo