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Vesakha Puja: Birth, Enlightenment and Death

Picture: gilding a sima-marker

The Full Moon this month (Vesakha) falls on Friday, 20th May. It is the day on which we give special emphasis to honouring the Buddha's birth, his Enlightenment and passing away. Our public celebration will take place at Harnham on Sunday 22nd. Please see ANNOUNCEMENTS for what you can expect to happen on that day and how to participate. The swan nesting at Harnham Lake has hatched 4 cygnets; may the island provide her with all the sanctuary she needs. Anumodana to Nang and Koko who have skilfully regilded one of the main sima-markers in our Dhamma Hall. For those not aware of what a sima is, it is an especially designated area within which the Sangha performs such formal processes as ordination. Saturday 21st May is set aside as a Lake Workday. Then on Sunday 22nd, besides being our Vesak observance, it is also a Practice & Study Day led by Ajahn Abhinando. It is expected that Luang Por Munindo will offer the Dhamma talk in the evening (after the circumambulation around the lake).

Reguilding%20sime marker