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(picture: Gil strimming)

The Lake Work Day for September was a washout. This didn't stop Gil from Israel, and various other friends, from throwing themselves into the autumn cleanup. Penny coordinated activities as usual with her admirable alacrity. Abramina has been encouraging guests at Kusala House with her familiar smile. The two pallet-loads of Dhamma books and calendars that we mentioned last week as arriving from Malaysia, have now been sorted. These beautiful gifts will be available for free distribution at the gathering during the Kathina season. Such a quantity of boxes does present us with a bit of a storage issue, so if anyone local has clean, dry, garage space that they would like to make available, please do be in touch. Some folk are saying we should expect the world to end this week. Sunday 27th is Full-Moon day.

Gill%20strimming sept 2015