Wesak at Harnham

We will celebrate Wesak this year on Sunday the 7th of May with the following events:

11:00 Paritta chanting and tdak bart

11:15 Short Dhamma Talk

11.30 Formal meal offering

17:30 Meditation for Beginners class

19:00 Circumambulation of the lake

20:00 Puja and Dhamma talk in the Dhamma hall

Everyone is welcome. This year we will be joined for our celebrations by Ajahn Jayanto, whom some of you will remember from his time living at Harnham many years ago. He is now the abbot of Temple Monastery in New Hampshire (USA) - a sister monastery of ours - and will visit us for a few days over Wesak together with several members of his community. It will also be an opportunity to bid Ajahn Abhinando farewell before he departs for Dhammapala Monastery in Switzerland.