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Whatever Helps

Picture: wildflowers in front of the Dhamma Hall

The approaching New Moon for next month falls on Monday 4th July. Recent ample rain and agreeable temperatures have contributed to the lush growth of wild flowers. It helps that Anagarika Will put so much time and effort into seeding them last year. The effort Ajahn Chandapalo put into helping Ajahn Go get a visa was less productive i.e. he was rejected. It would have been better if they hadn't accidentally applied for a visa as if Ajahn Go was a soldier coming to UK for NATO training. Hopefully the second application will be more successful. Anagarika Revato has moved to live at Cittaviveka Monastery in West Sussex, under Ajahn Karuniko.  Ajahn Abhinando is still away on tudong. Ajahn Punnyo led the Practice and Study Day on Sunday 19th June, on the theme of Mindfulness of Feeling, in the evening delivering a Dhamma talk discussing how to quell football hooligans with Loving-kindness. On Saturday 25th June Luang Por Munindo delivered a Dhamma talk discussing the setting up of conducive conditions for practice. And on Sunday, 3rd July, Luang Por is expected to speak on how we can practice anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether or not conditions are conducive. 

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