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Wild Flowers and Shears

(picture: Anagarika Martin)

Harnham Lake isn't the place to be these days if you are allergic to pollen. But if you're not, it's great. Lately there has been a magnificent pallet of purples:  Knapweed, Bugle, Clary, Foxgloves, Dog Violet, a variety of Vetches and 3 kinds of Thistle - Meadow, Marsh and Spear. Along with the red Poppies and an array of pinks and yellows, the wildflowers and grasses paint a glorious picture. The kutis are being well used and these long summer days are inviting. On Tuesday 21st, Ajahn Abhinando joined Rolf Wojciechowski in Newcastle for the opening of their joint art exhibition/installation at the 'Holy Biscuit' art gallery. Today, Wednesday, Ajahn Abhinando will join the meditation group in Carlisle, before going on to join the groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow, on Thursday and Friday. He is due back at Harnham on Saturday 25th in time for the annual Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust (HBMT) AGM. All of that contributing inspiration for his leading a 6 day retreat starting Sunday 2nd August.