Winter Retreat Support Team 2022

There is an opportunity to join the team supporting the sangha at Aruna Ratanagiri during our Winter Retreat 2022, from early January to the end of March. If you are male, under 65 years of age, fully vaccinated, interested in meditation and able to help with cooking, cleaning and other tasks in the monastery, for a period of at least eight weeks, we would be happy to hear from you.

It is helpful to include details of any previous experience you may have with monastery life and additional practical skills. Unless we already know you well, you will be invited to take part in an online video interview. A full, clean driving licence would be helpful, although not at all essential. It is expected that you would abide by the rules and routines of the monastery, including the 8 precepts. All applicants should have carefully read the information presented on our visiting & staying page before contacting us.

Tel: 01661 881 612