visiting and staying - morning offerings


For anyone wishing to offer food and requisites to the community, it is possible to do so in the mornings, between 9.30 and 10.00am. At these times we aim to be available to receive your offerings and recite the anumodana. Offerings take place in the Dhamma Hall conservatory (see below ‘How to find the Dhamma Hall conservatory’).

If it is convenient, please do email us in advance at so we can prepare to meet you. If there is nobody to greet you when you arrive, try calling 07 746 463 979.

Note that if you arrive when we are having our midday meal - between approx. 11am and 11.45am - there might not be anybody to greet you. If you wish, you can leave a note with your name.

If you arrive after 12.00 midday we ask that you leave your offerings in the Dhamma Hall vestibule. Usually there will not be anyone to meet you at these times.

COVID Safety Measures

We ask that all day visitors follow our COVID guidelines as indicated on the door of the Dhamma Hall conservatory. These include usual requirements such as wearing a mask indoors and sanitizing your hands before entering. These guidelines are under review and might change overtime.

How to find the Dhamma Hall conservatory

  1. Pass the large wooden gate next to the "Harnham Buddhist Monastery" sign. A sign on the gate reads: “Residents and morning food offerings only”
  2. The Dhamma Hall conservatory is on the left (on the glass door is a sign saying “Morning Offerings”, see photo)
  3. There are often community members working around in the morning. Please do not hesitate to ask around if you need assistance.