visiting and staying - latest updates

Latest  update: 28/12/2021

  • If you are fully vaccinated: we would consider a request for a long term stay or if you are interested in taking up monastic training, however, depending on how you travel, you may be required to undergo quarantine (see below for details about taking a Lateral Flow Test etc.)
  • If you are not fully vaccinated: we would likewise consider requests for long-term stays or if you are interested in taking up monastic training, however you would be asked to undergo a period of quarantine upon arrival.

Contact to ask to stay, providing up-front the information requested in the Visiting and Staying page. Also, please make sure to read our incoming guest policy below which applies to everybody.

Incoming guests policy

All incoming guests, regardless of their vaccination status, must take a lateral flow test before entering the monastery’s buildings, including the guest-house, Kusala House. New guests will be asked to take it upon arrival, under the supervision of a community member, but some regulars might be offered the option to take the test at home - driving directly to the monastery, or stopping only in unpopulated areas - or unsupervised on the parking lot.

We feel these measures represent an adequate level of safety, but please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee total isolation or complete safety from getting COVID-19 and that you are visiting Aruna Ratanagiri at your own risk.


So far formal retreats are cancelled for 2022 and might resume later. Please do check regularly our retreats page, or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed.

Day visits

Visiting the monastery for the day is presently only possible to this extent:

  • The vestibule to our Dhamma Hall is open every day from 7am to 7pm for those who wish to bring offerings and/or collect free distribution Dhamma books and Forest Sangha calendars. If you are bringing cooked food to offer to the sangha and you particularly wish to speak with a monk please let our kitchen team know in advance at
  • The Dhamma Hall itself is open every day except Mondays from 10am to 1pm. Please see this announcement for details.

Complete access to the guesthouse or other parts of the monastery for day visitors - other than the vestibule, and outside of the allocated time for the Dhamma Hall - is still not possible.