FULL MOON – Honesty

Published Monday, 26 April 2021

One who transforms old and heedless ways
into fresh and wholesome acts
brings light into the world
like the moon freed from clouds.

Dhammapada v.173

Sometimes we focus inwards, paying attention to the deep causes of discontent. At other times we pay attention outwards to the suffering of the world in which we live. Becoming lost either inwardly or outwardly brings greater imbalance. What we are aiming at is learning how to take full responsibility for our heedless habits. Both inner and outer work can be difficult. It is hard to be honest and admit that it is because our heart is closed that our capacity for caring and discernment is compromised. Living with an open heart is not about being weak or soft; it means simply allowing our native sensitivity to shine through. Certainly we will have to face the risk of feeling hurt; however we learned to close our hearts in the first place because we didn’t know how to accurately feel what we feel. Hopefully, by this stage of life we have acquired enough skill in mindfulness, restraint and wise reflection to be better able to allow the hurt and disappointment, to allow the hope and the delight, without losing balance too seriously. Our contribution to the sad and sorry world can be our honesty.

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