FULL MOON - Not Going Out

Published Friday, 05 June 2020

One should not be considered worthy of respect
because of birth or background, or any outer sign;
it is purity and the realization of truth
that determine one’s worth.

Dhammapada v.393

We readily ascribe a lot of value to outer appearances. However, since our subjective experience of this existence is an inner one - we don’t live in the outer world, we live ‘inside’ - surely the emphasis ought to be inwards. Particularly at this time of having been under restrictions, we know how challenging it can feel to not be allowed to go outside. What if we see those feelings of frustration as an expression of what the Buddha referred to as ‘compulsive outflows’. So long as our heart remains unaware of the benefits of ‘staying at home’, our attention will heedlessly flow outwards, following sights, sounds, smells and taste and so on; pursuing the dust of the world. When we blindly follow sense objects, we end up with dust in our eyes. The wise have learned that by staying at home, that by abiding as awareness, means they view the world with the clarity of understanding and the sensitivity of compassion.

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