FULL MOON - Strength and Weakness

Published Sunday, 20 January 2019

Those who have renounced
the use of force in relationship to other beings,
whether weak or strong,
who neither kill nor cause to be killed,
can be called great beings.

Dhammapada v.405

The gentleness with which we would hold a young child is clearly not a sign of our weakness. The sensitivity with which we would listen to a friend who had suffered from loss, would likewise not be judged as weakness. Acting with humility in acknowledging any part we might have played in contributing to the suffering of others, would likewise, hopefully, not be considered as an indication of weakness. That which can sometimes be seen as weakness is in fact strength. Conversely, hiding behind a display of invulnerability; refusing to ask for help when it is clear that we need it; being unable to empathize when faced with the pain of others, these are in fact forms of weakness and would benefit from careful attention.

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