NEW MOON - Changlessness

Published Sunday, 07 February 2016

Awakened Ones do not cause harm.
They are rightly restrained
and they move to changelessness
where they grieve no more.

Dhammapada 225

There is a lot that could and should be done to address prejudice and tyranny in the world. Our Dhamma practice is lacking when we chose to ignore opportunities where we could help. But our Dhamma practice is also lacking if we chose to focus only on the outer tyrants. Certainly, the Buddha wanted us to train body, speech and mind to not cause suffering for others. More than that though, he wanted us to realize the changeless reality in which suffering simply does not exist. Awakened beings who know this reality, which is free from all clinging, are not capable of intentionally causing harm to any being, oneself or others.

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